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December 5, 2010 / tommoradpour

Thank You!


Today I want to thank all my friends who supported my effort to raise awareness (and funds) for Didier Drogba’s dream to build a hospital in Abidjan.

Didier is a fantastic champion on the football pitch, and an amazing individual off the pitch – I’m really proud to help his foundation @FondationDrogba as much as I can. This week end’s push was supported by Pepsi with $1 donations per RTs, and coincided with Didier’s annual Charity ball. Dust has not settled yet on the total numbers raised, but within my own network, you have been more than 100 to RT my messages yesterday and today, with a potential compound reach of over 300,000 followers!

So once again, THANK YOU!


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  1. Cristian Gonzales / Dec 5 2010 16:11

    100 RT’s from your tweet alone.


    You’re definitely an influential advocate my friend.

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